I get this question a lot. What will my benefits be when my husband passes away? When one spouse dies, the other can collect Social Security survivor benefits. So spousal benefits (if being collected) now become survivor benefits. This is applicable for either spouse, but let’s take a look at John and Cheryl: The amount.. read more →

New rules which eliminate restrictions on claiming the Credit for Increasing Research Activities (R&D Credit) on amended returns could mean tax savings for many individuals and businesses (TD 9666). On June 2, 2014 the IRS amended the Regulations to remove a restriction that prevented taxpayers from making an election to use the Alternative Simplified Credit.. read more →

John Kasich just approved a bill that will accelerate and enhance tax reductions to further Ohio’s economic growth. The Individual 1% income tax cut will now be retroactively effective to the beginning of 2014 instead of starting January 1, 2015. Read his statement here. The Ohio Small Business Deduction which was new in tax year.. read more →

Did you know that most couples will receive an average of $1,000,000 in Social Security benefits, yet leave money on the table? This is due to a lack of knowledge and guidance about how to plan for your Social Security retirement. There are 2,728 separate rules governing benefits; learning how to navigate through the intricacies.. read more →

For the 2014 tax year all CAT returns must be filed electronically, either by using the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) or by Telefile. There will be no forms available to mail in. This is new for Annual CAT return filers; however, quarterly filers already have been filing on-line. If you don’t have a OBG account,.. read more →