For the 2014 tax year all CAT returns must be filed electronically, either by using the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) or by Telefile. There will be no forms available to mail in. This is new for Annual CAT return filers; however, quarterly filers already have been filing on-line. If you don’t have a OBG account,.. read more →

Automatic gratuities in the hospitality industry (for example, an automatic 16% tip for parties of six or more) are now treated by the IRS as service charges rather than tips, meaning they are viewed as wages and the employer is responsible for reporting them. Common service charges are: Large party charge Bottle service charge Room.. read more →

In an earlier blog, I discussed the estate tax exemption portability that provides significant estate planning flexibility to married couples.  This was supposed to be simplification for married couples, but did not turn out that way at all!  Many issues such as remarriage, trusts, and the generation skipping tax complicated the portability exemption. Every US.. read more →

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Money can be a sensitive family topic. A recent survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that while more than three in five parents provide an allowance — usually, starting when their children are about 8, and at an average of $65 per month — they’re uncomfortable talking to them about finances. In fact,.. read more →