• Thomas R. Hager

    Thomas R. Hager

    Tax Planning & Consulting, Management Consulting
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    Leslie D. Smeach

    Tax Planning & Consulting, Managment Consulting, Accounting, Valuations, Forensic Accounting
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    Robert Fisher

    Tax Planning & Consulting, Management Consulting, Accounting


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“Confidence is Close By”

What do you look for in an accounting firm? Accuracy? Honesty? Timeliness? Accountability? Insight to the ever-changing financial environment?

Schlabig & Associates, Ltd provides each of these important benefits and many more. Yet we describe them all – and the unique value of relying on our firm – with one word: Confidence.

By relying on Schlabig & Associates, you can be confident you will keep more of what you earn, with no surprises. In addition, our affiliation with the respected BDO Alliance of CPA firms allows us to bring a truly global perspective to your business.

Global insight combined with highly skilled, personal local service and support. That’s Confidence in every sense of the word.